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YOUR CALL TO (2000 x 1000 px).png
Not your average sit down event...

Your courage is calling you Mumma!

Want to feel good about showing up on camera?

Feel like you're trying all the confidence hacks and tools but getting no where?

Did you know that Marketing is one HUGE arm of your business?

And the ONLY way to create your personal brand is to get your face out there?!

Well STOP RIGHT THERE 🛑🛑🛑 don't let me lose you, let me guide you!

In 2 hours come and learn 👇

✅ How to create content and not feel like a fraud

✅ How to show up authentically leaving imposter syndrome behind

✅ How to be courageous and not care what others think

✅ How to practice courage and confidence to authentically cultivate

✅ How to create aligned content that makes you money in your business


Since becoming a mum I truly understand how limited our time can be and my focus is creatively maximising the capacity you do have!

🔥 UPGRADE to VIP Nibbles and Networking after the event to really up your game


📌 Your call to courage

Scarborough Beach Community Centre

VIP Networking and Nibbles next door at La Capannina


See you there!!

What to expect from
live masterclasses & workshops

Private corporate team building masterclasses available empowering staff to show up with confidence and express themselves

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