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I'm Lacey - A stylist and confidence coach for 12 years speaking out about the way to cultivate authentic confidence, outside the norms of society.

I help people to become fulfilled in their confidence, living courageous lives through the art of personal style, self connection and taking small acts of bravery.

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My Story

Lacey Savell is a published Stylist, Mother of one, author and international keynote speaker and has spent 12 years in the industry working as a Fashion Stylist, Confidence Coach and leader in the women in business community coaching hundreds of business owners into their courage to speak up and share their story.


In 2013 Lacey worked at the major fashion weeks in Melbourne for 4 years whilst apply her knowledge to style and confidence for the every day person. Her studies in Fashion Design in 2017 enabled her to apply a further knowledge to fabrics and how they drape over our bodies. She has graced herself on the stage of expo’s, to business professionals, company conferences and interviewed on countless podcasts.

Lacey teaches professionals how to feel more confident win their own skin, we-write their story and find a personal brand to show up with that feels authentic. Lacey has a Cert 2 in business, a Diploma in Fashion Design, an advanced certification in Personal Styling & Fashion Styling.


Lacey is the CEO of her business Your Go To Girl and is the host of The Confident Mumma Talkshow helping normalise the emotions that mums in biz feel as they navigate it all.

Her raw, real and unedited content is not to be missed as she witnesses and interviews other mums in business as they show up as their real vulnerable selves.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities helping people find kindness, connection, confident and courage.


Let's connect.

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