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It's time to transform the way you view yourself, start your journey of self acceptance and authentically become the confident woman you want to portray!

The time for hiding is OVER. It's time to BE SEEN and take back your confidence
Does this sound familiar?

👉 Your style doesn't express who you truly are?
👉 You have nothing to wear that makes you feel amazing?
👉 Stuck in comparison that it debilitates you?
👉 Scared you'll sound stupid in your content?
👉 Feeling self doubt when it comes to showing up?
👉 Feel overwhelmed creating content for your business?
👉 Want to grow you online presence but also want to hide?
👉 Feel disconnected and out of alignment?
👉 Do you re-question every outfit an business decision?
👉 Does that voice is your head critique you?

4 out of 5 women lack confidence

89% of women cancel plans based on how they look

60% of businesses fail in the first 3 years

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Zero to confident

Over 7 modules 

Your lifetime resource

Book list


How-To Guides

BONUS content

BONUS makeup lesson

👉 Do it at your own pace

👉 VIP Intensive group guidance over 4 months with 1hr monthly calls

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7 modules

Owning yourself

Managing your mind

The tool of mirrorwork

Understanding your body shape

Creating your style

Mastering your style

Confident Content

Tool and Tips

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What are you waiting for?

Learn to CREATE in alignment and show up with authenticity

Cultivate true confidence and access it DAILY!

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If not now, then when?

Do you have fear when showing up on camera?

Is that voice in your head a real b*tch?

Complaining about your lack of time?

Nothing to wear in your wardrobe that makes you feel confident?


Make the commitment,
challenge your courage
and walk away feeling confident, connected and in mastery of showing up in style

Say YES to YOU!


About Lacey

Passionate about your personal brand and changing the internal conversation you have with yourself

Lacey has over 12 years experience in the world or personal style and personal branding.

She has helped 100's of women to gain their confidence by connecting to their image in turn growing their business by creating face to camera content and growing their online presence.

After quadrupling her community in 6 months on Instagram and getting engagement over 4 times her community on LinkedIn her passion grew to help women change the way they view themselves to get them putting a face behind their biz and creating content for them.

She runs a podcast, Showing Up In Style, a networking club, is writing a book and has spoken to many many women's communities to empower them.

Lacey really is Your Go-To Girl!

This course is for your if;
You want to make an impact with your message
You WANT to see seen and heard
You want to FEEL GOOD about creating content
You want to feel confident and access your confidence at ANY time
You want to be more intentional with how you sell
You want to attend more events or start your own
You want to create a community online
You want to be a better role model for your kids



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